The Quest for the Final Tree Visualization
Tree visualizations have been a matter of research for decades. The
Visual Tree Visualization Bibliography reports about 260
more or less different tree visualizations currently in existence. This
raises a number of questions: How many more tree visualization
techniques do we need? Are there still gaps in the literature for which
no adequate tree visualization techniques exist? Is it possible to
identify recurring themes in tree visualization algorithms? And can
these recurring themes be captured with design spaces or generalized
"meta-algorithms"? This talk aims to answer these questions by reporting
on the speaker's recent research in this area and outlining ideas for
future research directions.

*Short Biography*

Hans-J?rg Schulz received his diploma (2004) and doctorate degree (2010)
from the University of Rostock, where he is currently working on a
research project on the visualization of heterogeneous data. In this
context, he is developing graph- and tree-based visualization concepts
for data stemming from multiple sources. He applies his research in the
biomedical domain and in systems biology. More about his research can be
found at
Hans-J?rg Schulz (Universit?t Rostock)
Fr. 07.06.2013, 13:00 c.t. , G29-R335
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