Image Analysis and -Visualization for Biomedical Applications
Image data originating from various applications in the natural and life sciences often requires dedicated processing and analysis.

In this talk, two projects are presented which illustrate current challenges in image analysis and visualization for biomedical applications. The first project addresses the automated analysis of microscopy images showing cell populations, which requires cell segmentation and classification as well as visual analysis. The second project introduces automated methods to support dementia diagnosis, which comprises novel computational tools for accurately and robustly extracting and analyzing functional and anatomical biomarkers and their diagnostic performance.

These projects illustrate current challenges in image analysis and visualization resulting from technological advances such as high-throughput image acquisition, multimodal image generation and new imaging devices.
Dorit Merhof (Universit?t Konstanz)
Fr. 28.06.2013, 13:00 c.t. , G29-R335
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Research Seminar Announcement

In the course of the Visual Computing research seminar Dr. Helena Jambor from TU Dresden will give a talk with subsequent discussion about the topic Biological images: then, now and in future.

We would like to invite everyone interested to join us. The research seminar will take place on Friday 22.06.2018, 13:15 in G29-R335.

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