Studying Real-Life Cognition Together with All of You
Everyday cognition involves a large variety of concurrent neural processes that handle an incredible amount of sensory inputs in order to generate appropriate responses when interacting with the environment. It can be argued that studying any of these aspects of cognition in isolation, as it is often the case in feature-deprived laboratory experiments, yields an over-simplified or over-specialized understanding of the true nature of brain function. In order to fully understand “how the brain works”, it is essential to study the complex inter-play of cognitive processes in a rich natural environment and go beyond the localization of individual aspects of brain function. I will outline a strategy to approach this herculean task that is based on the core principles of open-science and aims to enable collaboration between research groups and disciplines.
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke, Uni Magdeburg
Fr. 03.06.2016, 13:00 c.t., G29-335