Possibilities and Limitations of the Bidirectional Texture Function as Appearance Representation
Reproducing the characteristic appearance of materials digitally is of considerable importance for the creation of photo-realistic images. A successful approach to capture and represent the appearance of a material is the Bi-directional Texture Functions (BTF) which can be considered as an image based representation and comprises thousands of images which have been taken under various light situations and from different viewpoints. In this talk we report on BTF acquisition devices as well as data compression and rendering techniques for BTFs that were developed at our institute within several research projects on this topic. Special emphasis will be put on the discussion of possibilities and limitations of this kind of representation for different application areas ranging from virtual prototyping to cultural heritage. Last but not least we will give examples of how the basic methodology developed to handle BTF data can be adopted for other purposes like animation compression or motion analysis and synthesis.
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klein, Uni Bonn
Fr. 01.07.2016, 13:00 c.t., G29-335