Geometric modeling at ICIMAF
In this talk an overview of the results on geometric modeling of the
Group of Geometry at ICIMAF is given. The particular emphasis is
placed on subdivision techniques, segmentation of triangulated
surfaces and isogeometric analysis.

Among our results on subdivision, we show the advantages of using
subdivision curves to approximate the boundary of an object within a
digital image. Furter, a new scheme to generate subdivision curves on
triangulated surfaces is included.

Concerning the segmentation of triangulated surfaces, a convenient
sampling strategy is presented to obtain low dimensional embeddings
that reduce the computational cost.

In the context of isogeometric analysis (IgA) two results are briefly
presented. The first one is the solution of the wave propagation
problem along plate structures using the semianalytic method with IgA
approach. The second one is related with the problem of constructing
an injective map that parametrizes the physical region where a PDE has
to be solved.
Jorge Estrada-Sarlabous, Victoria Hernández-Mederos, Institute of Cybernetic, Mathematics and Physics (ICIMAF) Havana, Cuba
Fr. 23.08.2019, 10:00 s.t., G29-301