Interactive Visual Data Analysis with Data Derivation
Visualization aims at building a bridge between users and their data --
the task categories of data exploration, visual analysis, and the
presentation of findings are supported. Especially in the context of
data exploration and analysis, interaction plays a crucial role in
visualization. In this talk, we have a look at the multi-layered concept
of interactive visual data analysis with a special focus on the integration
of data derivation in the analysis process. We assess the usefulness of
this concept we look at selected examples, e.g., from the field of
meteorology / climate research.
Prof. Dr. Helwig Hauser
Sa 13.6.2009, 13:30 - 15:30, G29-335
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Research Seminar Announcement

In the course of the Visual Computing research seminar Dr. Helena Jambor from TU Dresden will give a talk with subsequent discussion about the topic Biological images: then, now and in future.

We would like to invite everyone interested to join us. The research seminar will take place on Friday 22.06.2018, 13:15 in G29-R335.

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