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A Modified Double Gyre with Ground Truth Hyperbolic Trajectories for Flow Visualization
S. Wolligandt, T. Wilde, C. Rössl and H Theisel
Computer Graphics Forum, 2020
Abstract The model of a Double Gyre flow by Shadden et al. is a standard benchmark data set for the computation of hyperbolic Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS) in flow data. While structurally extremely simple, it generates hyperbolic LCS of arbitrary complexity. Unfortunately, the Double Gyre does not come with a well-defined ground truth: the location of hyperbolic LCS boundaries can only be approximated by numerical methods that usually involve the gradient of the flow map. We present a new benchmark data set that is a small but carefully designed modification of the Double Gyre, which comes with ground truth closed-form hyperbolic trajectories. This allows for computing hyperbolic LCS boundaries by a simple particle integration without the consideration of the flow map gradient. We use these hyperbolic LCS as a ground truth solution for testing an existing numerical approach for extracting hyperbolic trajectories. In addition, we are able to construct hyperbolic LCS curves that are significantly longer than in existing numerical methods.

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