FIN Forschungskolloqium "Visual Computing"
Prof. Holger Theisel
usually takes place on Fridays, 13:00 c.t. , G29-R335
(see below table entries for details)
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Seminar Dates for Summer Term 2017

Date Lecturer Topic
07.04.2017 Marian Dörk
(FH Potsdam)
21.04.2017 Evgeny Gladilin
(IPK Gatersleben)
12.05.2017 Timo Ropinski
(Uni Ulm)
23.06.2017 Nils Thuerey
(TU München)

List of Previous Seminars

Date Lecturer Topic

01.07.2016 Reinhard Klein
(Uni Bonn)
Possibilities and Limitations of the Bidirectional Texture Function as Appearance Representation
03.06.2016 Michael Hanke
(Uni Magdeburg)
Studying Real-Life Cognition Together with All of You
29.04.2016 Kresimir Matkovic
(VRVis Forschungs-GmbH)
Interactive Visual Analysis of Multi-Parameter Scientific Data
14.04.2016 Natalia and Gennady Andrienko
(Fraunhofer IAIS)
and Visual Analytics
12.02.2016 Pere-Pau Vázquez
(UPC Barcelona)
Instant Illustrative Visualization of Molecular Simulations
22.01.2016 Tobias Schreck
(TU Graz)
Visual Analysis of Temporal and High-Dimensional Data – Approaches,
Applications and Research Challenges
08.01.2016 Ralf Dörner
(Hochschule RheinMain)
Erstellung von interaktiven 2D und 3D Visualisierungen – Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze

27.11.2015 Peter Eisert
(HU Berlin)
Image-based Analysis and Synthesis of Static and Deformable Objects
13.11.2015 Tino Weinkauf
(KTH Stockholm)
Pattern Matching in Scalar and Vector Fields
03.07.2015 Bernd Hentschel
(RWTH Aachen)
Making Virtual Reality Visualization Real
26.06.2015 Jarke van Wijk
(TU Eindhoven)
Visual Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities
19.06.2015 Stefan Bruckner
(University of Bergen)
Smart Visualization and Interaction in Medicine
05.06.2015 Helmut Doleisch
(CD-Adapco Wien)
From Visualization Research to Commercial Visualization Software
17.04.2015 Mario Hlawitschka
(Universität Leipzig)
Akkurate dreidimensionale Darstellungen der Struktur des menschlichen Gehirns

12.12.2014 Thorsten Thorm?hlen
(Universität Marburg)
Interaktive Analyse und Synthese visueller Daten
28.11.2014 Andreas Gerndt
(DLR Braunschweig)
Wissenschaftliche Methoden für die interaktive Datenprozessierung und Visualisierung am DLR
24.10.2014 Matthias Hullin
(Universität Bonn)
Computational Imaging of Light in Flight
17.10.2014 Matthias Teschner
(Universität Freiburg)
Particle-based Fluid Simulation
27.06.2014 Günther Greiner
(Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Realtime 3D Reconstruction using Low Cost Scanners
20.06.2014 Alyn Rockwood
(Boulder Graphics)
Generalized Coons Patches with Applications to Design and Visualization
16.05.2014 Douglas Cunningham
(BTU Cottbus)
The statistics of Paintings
31.01.2014 Jens Krüger
(Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Scalable Visualization
24.01.2014 Ulrich Schwanecke
(Hochschule RheinMain)
X-ray computed tomography based on sparse information
17.01.2014 Philipp Lensing
(TU Ilmenau)
Das LightSkin-Verfahren: Globale Echtzeit-Beleuchtung für Virtual- und Mixed-Reality
10.01.2014 Stefan Wesarg
(Fraunhofer IGD Darmstadt)
Computational Anatomy – Detektion,
Segmentierung und Registrierung

20.12.2013 David Bommes
(INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
Quad Mesh Generation: High-Quality Shape Discretization for Product Design,
Animation and Simulation
13.12.2013 Vijay Natarjan
(IISC Bangalore)
Symmetry in Scalar Fields
05.09.2013 Wolfgang Heidrich
(University of British Columbia)
Tomographic Methods for Imaging and Display
12.07.2013 Martin Fuchs
(Universität Stuttgart)
Visual Computing beyond Pictures
28.06.2013 Dorit Merhof
(Universität Konstanz)
Image Analysis and -Visualization for Biomedical Applications
07.06.2013 Hans-Jörg Schulz
(Universität Rostock)
The Quest for the Final Tree Visualization
26.04.2013 see link Symposium zum 10. Jahrestag der AG Visualisierung
01.02.2013 Roy van Pelt
(Eindhoven University)
Visualization of 4D MRI Blood Flow
25.01.2013 Filip Sadlo
(Universität Stuttgart)
Flow Visualization Beyond Steady-State Advection
25.01.2013 Anders Ynnerman
(Linköping University)
Medical Visualization – Within and Beyond The Hospital Walls
11.01.2013 Michael Guthe
(Universität Bayreuth)
Challenges and Chances of Parallel Mesh Processing

07.12.2012 Jan Klein
(MeVis Bremen)
Pufferzone fürs Skalpell – Unsicherheiten bei der Auswertung diffusionsgewichteter Bilddaten
23.11.2012 Paul Rosenthal
(Universität Chemnitz)
Efficient Preprocessing and Interactive Rendering of Scanned Point Clouds
14.11.2012 Torsten Möller
(Simon Fraser University)
Visual tools for understanding multi-dimensional parameter spaces
13.11.2012 Leif Kobbelt
(RWTH Aachen)
Geometric Modeling on Different Levels of Abstraction
12.11.2012 Bernt Schiele
(MPI Saarbrücken)
3D Scene Understanding – It's Time to Address it Again
13.07.2012 Tobias Senst
(TU Berlin)
Lagrangian Methods for Video Security Applications
22.06.2012 Christian Dick
(TU München)
Computational Steering for Implant Planning in Orthopedics
15.06.2012 Christoph Roloff
(University of Magdeburg)
Anwendungen der Particle Tracking Velocimetry am Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik
01.06.2012 Juergen Doellner
(HPI Potsdam)
Visualization of Virtual 3D City Models
20.04.2012 Charl Botha
(TU Delft)
BrainCove: A tool for voxel-wise fMRI brain connectivity visualization
12.04.2012 Thomas Schultz
(MPI Tübingen)
Towards Visual Programming By Example
for Medical Image Understanding
27.01.2012 Christian Rieder
(MEVIS Bremen)
Approximation of the Ablation Zone for Radiofrequency Ablation utilizing a Shader Framework for Volume Rendering

02.12.2011 Max Wardetzky
(University of Göttingen)
Laplace operators on discrete surface meshes
25.11.2011 Christoph Garth
(University of Kaiserslautern)
Integration-based Visualization of Large Vector Fields
18.11.2011 Pierre-Louis Bazin
(MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences,
Leipzig )
Bringing topological constraints into atlas-based medical image segmentation
11.11.2011 Eugene Zhang
(Oregon State University)
Topological Analysis and Visualization of 2D Asymmetric Tensor Fields
14.10.2011 Chuck Hansen
(University of Utah)
Incremental Filtering for Enhancing Interactive Direct Volume Rendering
01.07.2011 Marc Alexa
(TU Berlin)
Synthetic Images on Real Surfaces
27.05.2011 Markus Hadwiger
GPU-Based High-Performance Visualization
06.05.2011 Andreas Kolb
(Universität Siegen)
Visual Computing for Multimodal Sensor Data
08.04.2011 Christian Hansen
(Mevis Bremen)
Techniques for Preoperative Risk Assessment and Intraoperative Support in Liver Surgery

17.12.2010 Timo Ropinski
(Universität Münster)
Interaktive Illuminationsverfahren für Volumetrische Daten
10.12.2010 Marc Stamminger
(Universität Erlangen)
Reducing Video Memory Consumption
19.11.2010 Lars Linsen
(Jacobs-University Bremen)
Visualization of Multivariate Point-based Volume Data
05.11.2010 Hans-Peter Seidel (MPI Informatik Saarbruecken) Multimodal Computing and Interaction
22.10.2010 Dirk J. Lehmann (AG Visual Computing) Discontinuities in Continuous Scatterplots
25.06.2010 Bernd Froehlich (Uni Weimar) Direct Rendering of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces on the GPU
04.06.2010 Leif Kobbelt (RWTH Aachen) Interactive Reconstruction
14.05.2010 Tino Weinkauf (New York University) Applications of Discrete Scalar Field Topology: Salient Edges on Meshes and Smoothing of Scalar Fields
16.04.2010 Matthias Teschner (Uni Freiburg) Graphical Simulation
15.01.2010 Walter Schubert (OvGU Magdeburg) The human TOPONOME project: translating the cellular protein network code (Toponome) into efficient therapies

18.12.2009 Stefan Gumhold (TU Dresden) Advances in the Creation of 3D Models from Real World Objects
11.12.2009 Gordon Kindlmann (University of Chicago) Probing the Scale-Space Structure of Anisotropy and its Orientation
04.12.2009 Christian Theobalt (MPI Saarbrücken) High-Quality Reconstruction of Static and Dynamic 3D Scenes
27.11.2009 Rüdiger Westermann (TU München) Partikel-based Simulation and Visualization on GPUs
20.11.2009 Axel Berndt,
Tilo H?hnel
(OvGU Magdeburg)
Der Computer als Interpret: Perspektiven und Grenzen synthetischer Aufführungspraxis
13.11.2009 Carsten Dachsbacher (Uni Stuttgart) Analyzing Visibility Configurations
26.06.09 Stefan Gumhold (TU Dresden)
13.06.09 Helwig Hauser (Uni Bergen) Interactive Visual Data Analysis with Data Derivation
13.06.09 Ronald Peikert (ETH Zürich) Approaches to feature extraction from unsteady flow data
13.06.09 Kresimir Matkovic (VRVIS Wien) Families of Surfaces – New Opportunities for Analysis of Complex Data
05.06.09 Hendrik Lensch (Uni Ulm) Avoiding and Removing Multiple Scattering
15.05.09 Gerik Scheuermann (Uni Leipzig) Topology- and Feature-Based Flow Visualization
24.04.09 Thomas Nocke (PIK Potsdam) Visualization in Climate Impact Research
17.04.09 Karl Heinz H?hne (Uni Hamburg) Volumenvisualisierung im VOXEL MAN Projekt Historisches und neue Anwendungen f?r die Chirurgiesimulation
16.01.09 Gerik Scheuermann (Uni Leipzig) Topology- and Feature-Based Flow Visualization
09.01.09 Konrad Polthier (FU Berlin) Topology of Frame Fields on Closed and Bounded 2-Manifolds
12.12.08 Oliver Staadt (Uni Rostock) Towards Desktop Tele-Immersion
05.12.08 Rhaleb Zayer (INRIA,
Mesh Matrix Methods for Geometry Processing
28.11.08 Marcus Magnor (Uni Braunschweig) Bilder im Computer
21.11.08 Janick Martinez (Uni Magdeburg) Multiple Aligned Characteristic Curves for Surface Fairing
14.11.08 Mario Botsch (Uni Bielefeld) Polyhedral Finite Elements
07.11.08 Kai Hormann (Uni Clausthal-Zellerfeld) Maximum Entropy Coordinates for Arbitrary Polytopes
17.10.08 Raphael Fuchs (VrVis Wien) Interactive Analysis of Vortices in Engine Simulation Data Sets
27.06.08 Volker Blanz (Uni Siegen) Gesichtserkennung,
3D Formrekonstruktion und Animation mit einem Morphable Model.
20.06.08 Mario Botsch (ETH Z?rich) Polyhedral Finite Elements
13.06.08 Daniel Weiskopf (Uni Stuttgart) Texturbasierte Vektorfeldvisualisierung
06.06.08 Michael G?sele (TU Darmstadt) Images Images Billions of Images …
30.05.08 Stefan Braumann (Uni Magdeburg) Diplomvortrag
23.05.08 Victoria Hernandez (ICIMAF Havanna,
25.04.08 Olga Sorkine (TU Berlin) Context-Aware Skeletal Shape Deformation
11.04.08 Thomas Schultz (MPI Informatik Saarbr?cken) Virtual Klingler dissections: Putting Fibers into Context
04.04.08 Christian Schlager Bas-reliefs based on Bump-Mapping (Diplom)
28.03.08 Axel Berndt Musikalische Vertonung interaktiver Medien
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